What are Texture Bites?

Photomorphis Texture Bites™ are innovative layered files that work like a digital sandwich containing layers of tasty textures. Just add your image to the Bite and the preconfigured file automatically does the rest for you. The blending modes and opacities are preset for immediate results but you may choose to fine-tune the effects to closer match your creative vision.

It’s a fun way to blend textures with your images. Simple to use and with sophisticated results – it really couldn't be any easier. Watch this video to see how they work.

Each download includes 5 Texture Bites PSD files and links for streaming an instructional tutorial video. Users may select from Photoshop and ON1 Layers versions. Each video contains Chapter 1–How to add your image and Chapter 2–Texture Bites Tips and Tricks.

Photomorphis Texture Bites™ are compatible with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, ON1 Layers, Affinity Photo, GIMP and Corel PaintShop Pro (X8 and above).

It's possible there are other compatible layer-based photo editors, but we've tested and approved only those listed above. Photomorphis is not responsible for issues that may arise from the use of unapproved software and will not provide refunds in those instances.

If you currently use a compatible photo editor other than Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or ON1 Layers; view the tutorial for the software that is most similar to yours. For instance, GIMP users may view the Photoshop video for the broad concepts and adjust the specifics of their workflow as necessary.

You'll find our innovative Texture Bites in the Photomorphis Texture Store


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