Rule of Thirds BlendKit is missing from download.

First, make sure you fully download the product (Remember to keep an eye on the download progress bar!) and unzip the file to create the folder named Photomorphis Rule of Thirds BlendKit.®

The new Photomorphis Rule of Thirds BlendKit folder will contain 3 items:

  1. BlendKit Quick Start.pdf - How to get started with your BlendKit
  2. READ ME - Textures.pdf - Information about related Photomorphis products
  3. Rule of Thirds BlendKit File.tif - This is the Photoshop BlendKit file

The Rule of Thirds BlendKit is very easy to use but it's not 100% intuitive. It's critical that you first review the 5 simple steps in the BlendKit Quick Start PDF file. You'll be up and running much faster (usually within a few minutes) if you do.

Detailed instructions are also available in the free Rule of Thirds BlendKit tutorial video.

See all the BlendKits in the Photomorphis BlendKit Store.

BlendKit and Photomorphis are trademarks of Photomorphis LLC, Registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.







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