What is Photomorphis?

Photomorphis is a collaboration between Doug Landreth and David Volkamer. We like to say that Photomorphis is photography evolved. It's the process of using textures and Photoshop techniques in photography to create a new form of fine art.


Doug Landreth has been a major force in the Pacific Northwest photography scene for the past 30 years shooting commercial assignments for the regions foremost ad agencies and corporate marketing departments. He is well known for his complex, conceptual photo-illustrations and his large-scale production, lifestyle and transportation campaigns, for which he has received numerous national awards. For the past seven years Doug has been increasingly focusing on his personal fine art developing a large following for his painterly, composited fine art images. His unique personal style combined with his renowned photoshop skills have been recognized with numerous international awards and is now the focus for his “Scratching the Surface” workshops. Doug continues to shoot commercial projects, travels across the west to participate in well know art shows, and collaborates with David on Photomorphis. Oh, and occasionally does a little photography for fun


David Volkamer has 30 years experience as a visual artist. He has worked as a graphic designer, art director, creative director, advertising agency principal, and photographer. As a creative director David has worked with clients such as HP, Kenworth, PACCAR, Tektronix, Capital One, Epson, Safeco, and Weyerhaeuser. David was the co-founder and owner of the Kirkland-based ad agency Brandhammer. Brandhammer was a full-service shop serving both Fortune 200 clients and startups. David sold the agency in 2004 and after taking some time off decided to combine creative forces with Doug Landreth to produce a series of creative workshops, take on a few select advertising projects and find some new inspiration. The collaboration led to the creation of Photomorphis. David is currently based in Kirkland, Washington, dividing his time among Photomorphis, a nano reef tank, alternative photography printing processes, motorcycle adventures, and working on an old Chevelle.


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