Will you make BlendKits for ON1?

Photomorphis BlendKit® files are only compatible with Photoshop. They work because of specific tools we’ve taken advantage of that are unique to Photoshop and not available in any other program.

It isn’t possible to create products like this that work in all programs because of the different ways each program works. This file only works in Photoshop just as our on1 presets only work with PPS and our LR presets only work in Lightroom.

You can learn more about BlendKits in the Photomorphis BlendKit Store.

At the bottom of each Photomorphis BlendKit description you will find the software requirements, including the version number, listed for your convenience.

BlendKit and Photomorphis are trademarks of Photomorphis LLC, Registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


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