Scaling your image inside the Rule of Thirds BlendKit

This is how we recommend you scale the image inside the Photomorphis Rule of Thirds BlendKit®.
Begin by right-clicking on the red layer “Put your image here” and selecting “Replace Contents” and selecting your image from the resulting dialog box. The beauty of Smart Objects is that they use a full scale copy of your image inside the file so that every time you scale the Smart Object it uses the full resolution of your image to scale from and there is no image degradation as a result of the scaling. 
So select your image, then just use the free transform command (Edit>Free Transform) or (Cmd+T) to scale the Smart Object (The red layer titled “Put your image here”. ) If your image is very large in the frames you might have to zoom out to see the Free Transform bounding box. You can use the shortcut Cmd+0 to zoom out. Then just grab the corner of the bounding box and hold down the shift and option (Alt) keys to proportionally scale down your image to fit the frames.
Keep in mind that each of the photo frame choices have slightly different aspect rations so you might need to change the frame to fit your chosen image better as well. The Blendkit file is by nature a panorama type aspect ratio, so the image you choose to work with should be one that can be cropped to that aspect ratio.

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