How to use textures inside ON1 Photo Raw

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How to use your textures with ON1:

First, you can easily import these texture packs into ON1 using the Extras Manager within the ON1 Program.  Here's a link to our "Answers" section of our website that provides the step by step procedure.

Essentially, you have two ways of using textures inside of ON1 software:

Method 1:  As a separate layer in the editing section of ON1.  With one of your images selected in the Browse module, click the Edit icon on the right side of the interface to edit your image.  You'll see your image as a layer above the Develop, Effects, Portrait, and Local editing tabs.  If you click on the + sign a navigation window opens to allow you to select an image to add as a layer.  If you've imported your new textures with the Extras Manager, you'll find them in the "Extras" tab of the navigation window. Double-click on Extras, then double-click on the "My Extras" tab to access the folder titled "Textures" where you'll find all the categories of textures which you've imported. Double-click the package you'd like to use and you'll see all the textures in that folder.  Select one and click the "Add as Layer" button in the lower right corner of the navigation window and your selected texture will be added as a layer over the top of your image.  You can then use the opacity sliders, the masking tools and all of the effects and layers tools to blend the textures with your image.

Method 2: Apply the textures using the "Texture Filter" in the Effects tab within the editing interface.  With an image opened in the edit module, just click the Effects tab under your image layer. To add a texture using the Texture filter, click the "Add Filter" button and in the Filters window that opens, select the Textures Filter. To use one of your new textures, click the Category button and scroll down to see your imported textures.  Just select the category you want and then click the Texture button to select a texture from the category you've chosen.  Then just explore all the sliders for different effects and use the opacity slider to attain the effect you want.

Keep in mind that you'll learn best by experimentation. Experiment with the blending modes, the opacities, the effects and develop settings and the masking tools to create the effect you're looking for.

We have a large number of tutorials on our website in the learning section which can be helpful as well as some premium tutorials which provide a lot more depth and specific techniques that I use all the time.  Our newest tutorial titled "Guide to Fine Art Photography in ON1" may be especially helpful if you are just getting started.  Additionally, there's a lot of information in the ON1 support site as well as the huge content available on YouTube.

I hope this proves helpful to you. Enjoy the textures!


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