What is a BlendKit?


A Photomorphis BlendKit® is a preconfigured layered Photoshop file that transforms an image or creates unique texture effects.

The easy-to-use BlendKits are powerful creative tools for digital photographers and artists. Each BlendKit has a specific artistic purpose or theme. Early BlendKit files, such as the Color Field BlendKit, create original texture files for use in composite photographs. More recent BlendKits have been developed to create complex triptychs, dramatic layered composites and vintage tableaus with push-button ease.

Perfect for all experience levels: Photoshop beginners will create sophisticated digital effects in minutes. It's a hands-on way to learn new Photoshop techniques. And experienced users can take advantage of advanced features to personalize their creation even more. 

Simple and straightforward: All BlendKits come with a step-by-step instruction guide and many include step-by-step instructional videos. Some BlendKit bundles also contain in-depth video tutorials and bonus material. Refer to the product details for a full description.

All the innovative BlendKits are designed to work with Photoshop. Specific requirements are listed on the individual product page.

See all the BlendKits in the Photomorphis BlendKit Store.

BlendKit and Photomorphis are trademarks of Photomorphis LLC, Registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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