My ON1 presets installed textures. Where are these texture files stored on my computer?

Photomorphis ON1 Presets use an ONPreset installer file to place the presets and textures (if included) in the correct locations.

If your presets contain textures and you'd like to use these texture files in Photoshop, Topaz Texture Effects or other photo-editing application you will first need to locate them on your computer.

Here's how:

If you open the Layers module and click on the extras tab at the top of the left hand panel, then click on the My Extras folder, it will open to reveal three folders, one of which is "textures".

Right-click (or Cntrl+click) on this folder to bring up a contextual menu, it will have an option to "reveal in finder". If you select this it will take you to the folder where the textures are stored.

You may then copy any of them to another folder that you use for textures so they will be available for use in other applications.


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