Add textures or backgrounds to a BlendKit

It's possible customize a Photomorphis BlendKit® by adding additional textures and backgrounds. Remember to make a backup copy of the original file configuration before making any modifications your BlendKit.

Note: These specific directions were created for the Rule of Thirds BlendKit but the concepts apply to all BlendKits. Make any adjustments necessary to adapt them to your purpose.

Open the file you want to use and scale it so that it is the same dimension as the BlendKit.  Then use the Window>Arrange>Tile command to place your background and the BlendKit side by side in your window.  With your background image selected, drag it's layer from the layers panel and drop it onto the BlendKit file.  You'll see it in the layer stack of the BlendKit file when you select the BlendKit.  Drag that new layer into the Layer Group with the other backgrounds and you're done!

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the layer, or you can right click on the background layer you want to move to the BlendKit and select Duplicate Layer.  Then select the BlendKit filename in the Destination>Document drop down menu and it will copy it to the BlendKit layer stack.

One trick to note is to select the layer in the BlendKit layer stack you'd like to place the new layer above before using any of these techniques and the new layer will automatically be placed there so you won't have to move it around once you get it in the stack.

Another option to is to keep your background image at it's original size and make it a smart object (Right Click the layer and choose "Convert to Smart Object" before using any of these techniques and then scale it once you get the file into the BlendKits layer stack.  Using this technique will give you the best results if you decide to scale your final image up or down because it will always scale using the full resolution of the original file in the Smart Object.

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