Video Streaming and Download Tips

There are three ways to access Photomorphis purchased video tutorials: Download, Streaming and Send to Dropbox. Note that all options may not be available on some products.

To find out the options available for your video product you must first access your user dashboard (how do I do that?).

In your user dashboard you will find all your purchased products under the ContentShelf tab. Click on the video for more details including description, name of content, size of content, license type, and product access options. The icons under "Get Content" in the lower right corner indicate the options available to you for your video (see photo below).  Note that all options may not be available on all video products.

We recommend trying the streaming option first (if available for your particular product). It's often the easiest option and we've found that users have fewer technical issues.

Get Content: This is the available delivery method as determined by the seller. Delivery methods include:

  1. Download - Cloud with down arrow icon.
  2. Stream - Play button within a circle or square icon.
  3. Dropbox - Open box icon.

Just click the method of your choice and follow the prompts provided within your browsing environment.


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