Deleting browsing history, cache and cookies

Having unexpected results with the Photomorphis Store?

Clearing the cache, cookies and history of your internet browser is a good initial troubleshooting step for any issues with most websites, including our store. We recommend doing it on a regular basis to ensure that your privacy is more secure and to improve your browser performance.

Here's how you do it for some popular browsers:

What is a cache?

The 'cache' is a technique used by your web browser to speed up the loading of webpages. The frequent images, logos or scripts will be stored in your hard drive, as it's faster to load it from there, rather than to download it from a remote server every time.

 What are cookies?

They’re a small piece of data from a website and stored in your browser while you’re on a website. Every time you pull up that same website, the browser sends the cookie back to the website with all the info from the last visit. This is one method that online shopping carts utilize to maintain the correct contents as you shop and visit multiple pages.

 How to update your internet browser:

If you're having problems with the online store make sure you have the current version of your browser installed. Here are the official links to know how to update your favorite internet browsers.

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