My BlendKit creations Have Photomorphis metadata. What's up with that?


When I output, or save the end result of an image - the exif information on the image all states that Photomorphis is the author, artist and copyright holder of the work. Who owns the rights to the composite photo created with a BlendKit and am I allowed to change the metadata?


We include a PDF in all of our product downloads that provides our terms for using our products that you can refer to. It is labeled "Terms of use and more.pdf" (or something like that) and provides a more thorough explanation but to keep it simple:

You are the owner of the derivative work created with our BlendKits or Textures for both personal and commercial purposes.

You just can't transfer or license this file in a layered form to someone else that would give them the ability to extract or access our original BlendKit file. And, of course, you can't modify the elements and sell it in a layered form as a similar product to a similar market.

That said, we want you to create something uniquely you with these products that will benefit you both commercially and artistically. So just create a Photoshop EXIF template with your own information using the File>File Info dialogue box in Photoshop then you can apply it to your file after you've flattened your creation.


See all the BlendKits in the Photomorphis BlendKit Store.

BlendKit and Photomorphis are trademarks of Photomorphis LLC, Registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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