How to load Photoshop Brushes

The brush tool and it’s myriad controls are a very powerful component of Photoshop’s creative toolset. This brief tutorial will review how to load brushes you might get from resources such as Photomorphis.

Step 1. Download and unzip the brushes file.

If you have downloaded brushes from a website it’s very likely that they will be compressed as a zip file. Adobe brush presets are identifiable by their abr file extension. If the download file ends in .zip you’ll need to unzip the file. If the download file ends in .abr, you can proceed to loading the file into Photoshop (Step 2.)

If you downloaded the file you’ll be able to locate it in the folder that you’ve instructed your web browser to place downloads into, which is typically a folder called “Downloads”. Locate the file and double-click it to decompress the file if it is a ZIP file. The extracted file will be placed in the same location as the zip file and will have the same name as the ZIP file. If you are using a PC, you may need to right-click the ZIP file and choose “extract all” to decompress the ZIP.

Step 2. Load the file into Photoshop.

Once you have the .abr file extracted it’s time to load it into Photoshop. There are several ways to load the brushes into Photoshop and you’ll need to have Photoshop open and running. 

Option 1: Using the Preset Manager.

1.1. Click Edit from the menu bar then choose Presets, then Preset Manager.

1.2. Select Brushes from the Preset Type drop down menu in the Preset Manager and then click the Load... button to begin the loading process.

1.3. In the browse dialog box that appears, steer to the folder where you’ve saved the brushes, select the brush preset file you’d like to load (.abr file) and click Load.

1.4. The file will open in the Preset Manager showing all of the brushes in the set. You can then load other brushes or finish by clicking Done.


Option 2: Using the Brushes Panel.

2.1. Open the Brush Presets panel by clicking Window on the menu bar and selecting Brush Presets.

2.2. Click the fly out menu in the upper right corner of the Brush Presets panel, and select Load Brushes from the panel menu that appears.

2.3. Steer to the extracted .abr file in the browse window that appears, select the file and click Load. You’ll then find your new brushes in the Brush Presets panel as well as the Brush Preset Picker in the tool options bar when you have the brush tool selected.

That’s it! You are ready to use your new brushes!


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