What are Photomorphis Flow and Stamp Brushes?

Photomorphis Flow Brushes paint with texture in Photoshop. They generate controlled dynamic textures that flow on the page and respond to the artist. They can paint in years of age and distress, analog weathering, worn surfaces, edge treatments, atmospheric haze, and more. Use Flow brushes on images, texture layers or layer masks to create new effects with every brush stroke. 

Photomorphis Stamp Brushes add texture in Photoshop with one click. These are high-resolution Photoshop brushes that stamp a pattern over a corner, edge or the entire canvas. Enhance your images with precision and control. Add distress, analog weathering and artistic marks with emulsion scratches, film dust, film edges, worn surfaces, edge treatments, and much more. Combine several stamp brush effects for a unique result every time.

See all the Photomorphis Photoshop Brushes. 

Tip: Refer to the brush descriptions for Photoshop version compatibility.


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