What are Stamp Brush JPEG files for?

I got JPEG files with my stamp brush download. What are they for?

As a bonus to our customers, many Photomorphis Photoshop Texture Stamp collections include high-resolution 5000 pixel JPEG versions of the stamp textures for use in layered photo composites or creative projects outside of Photoshop (such as ON1, Topaz Texture Effects, etc). Learn how to use textured layers. Check the stamp brush product description to see if the collection includes these JPEG files.

Why didn't you just make the brushes 5000 pixels?

We limited our Texture Stamp brushes to 2500 pixels so they will be compatible with PS Elements and older Photoshop versions. If you want to, you can just open any of these larger 5000 pixel JPEG images in Photoshop (or ON1, Topaz Texture Effects, etc) and load it into a new layer over the image you wish to use it on. Change it's blend mode to multiply (or you can play with the other blend modes to get various looks) and it will be like using a large stamp brush. As a layer, you'll be able to scale it, adjust it's opacity, etc.

5000 pixel brushes for Photoshop CC users

You can create 5000 Pixel brushes from Texture Stamp JPEG images. Open the file in Photoshop CC and  select Menu>Edit>Define Brush Preset. That's all there is to it!



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How do I get started with textures in Photoshop?

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