How to import Textural Borders into ON1

With the software open, Select File>Manage Extras from the drop down menu bar. When the Extras Manager dialog box opens: 

  1. Click on the “Borders” category heading in the left hand panel. 
  2. Click "Import" at the bottom left of the panel. 
  3. In the navigation window that opens, steer to your Photomorphis Borders folder and click on it to open it. 
  4. Select all of the png files. (Not the PDF's) 
  5. Click "Open" 
  6. A dialog box will appear titled "Choose Category". Click on the list to expand it and select "Add Category" at the top of the list. 
  7. A "Category Name" box will appear with the name of the folder automatically filled in. Click OK. 
  8. Click OK again to accept that new category. 
  9. A progress panel showing your borders being imported will appear and after the files are imported you will get a message stating "XX files were imported successfully, there were no errors". Click "Close". 
  10. You will see your new borders listed in the right hand panel of the Extras Manager with a thumbnail and name. 
  11. Select "Close” to conclude the import.

You will now find these files in your "My Extras" folder under the "Extras" tab in the left hand navigation pane in the Layers Module in the “Borders” folder. In addition you will find them in the “Borders” filter in the Effects Module.

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