Where are my Atmospheric ON1 RAW Preset textures?

The Atmospheric ON1 RAW Presets utilize Photomorphis Mist+Fog Textures to achieve their unique ethereal effects. These textures are automatically installed with the presets by using the one-click Atmospheric ON1 RAW Preset installer.

While the Atmospheric Presets will only work with ON1 Photo RAW, the Mist+Fog Textures can be used in Photoshop, Elements, Topaz Texture Effects and nearly every other layer-based photo editing application. 

Here's how to locate the Mist+Fog Textures installed by ON1 Photo RAW 2018 so you can use them somewhere else:

For the Mac:
Library>Application Support>ON1>Extras 2018

For Windows PC
[C:\]\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\ON!\Extras 2018

*AppData is a hidden folder, if you don’t see it, change your folder options, instructions here:

When you locate your files you may then copy any of them to the folder that you use for textures so they will be available for use in other applications.



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