Extract textures from Texture Bites using ON1 Photo Raw.

You can create your own custom textures or export any of the texture layers inside a Texture Bite for use in ON1 Photo Raw and other editing applications.

Begin by opening ON1 Photo Raw, select a Texture Bite layered file in the browse module and open it in the edit module.  

You can then just delete the placeholder image..((the bottom one,) and then combine the textures, or eliminate a couple of the textures, even use some develop or effects filters or apply some presets to your chosen filter layer, adjust it's opacity to 100% if it's not already, change it's blending mode to normal and use the export controls to save the results of your work as a new jpeg texture file, scaled to a size you want and save it somewhere logical.  You can then choose to import your new texture file using the "Manage presets" menu. 

You might have gotten a message during this process that ON1 PhotoRaw would save your file as a new ".onphoto" file in the same place as the original Texture Bite file, so your original file will be untouched by this process and you can continue to use the .onphoto file to generate other textures by turning on layers you'd previously turned off and repeating the process.  

Enjoy your Texture Bites!

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